Up the Hills and Far Away

I’ve come up the east hill today, just to see where it goes, what’s up here, and what I can see. I can’t believe I’ve been this way before. It’s such an obvious high point, from which I can see all of (tiny) Tuggeranong spread out along the valley, and the scrub and the hills beyond (which, thanks be, are by far the majority of the view, if discounts the usual ubiquitous drone of cars). Seeing it all like this really does give a sense of how isolated Tuggers is from the rest of Canberra — and how very dependent upon cars they all must be who live or work here (oh, right: other than the fifty of us who catch the bus).

Today, though, I’d like to just walk away from all that. Not be isolated, but be far away from everything. Walk through the little cluster of red roofs below, and on up those sparsely-tree’d hills over there, just to see what I can see, and not ‘have to get back’.

Instead, I will stomp down this hill and back to my desk.