Upgrading my server


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The last day or two I've been upgrading my VPS to Debian Stretch, which hopefully I can carry on using until June 2022. Mainly because, when I upgrade these things, I like to reconfigure how I do things and check into the latest ideas of how it should all be done. Of course, usually that means some sort of orchestration, but I'm doing things rather manually — still, there is plenty that I can do that is better than how I did it when I last set up this server (about three years ago).

I'm going to post a general how-to of what I do for this, but right now there's a few more bits and pieces that need to be taken care of. At least this website is functioning correctly now. I hope.

(Oh yes, and it's Star Wars day, so perhaps it's a good day for pretending to be a sysadmin?)