What goes Where on the Web

Every now and then I recap on where and what I store online. Today I do so again, while I’m rather feeling that there should be discrete and specific tools for each of the things.

Firstly there are the self-hosted items:

  1. WordPress for blogging (where photo and file attachments should be customized to the exact use in question, not linked from external sites). Is also my OpenID provider.
  2. Piwigo as the primary location for all photographs.
  3. MoonMoon for feed reading (and, hopefully one day, archiving).
  4. MediaWiki for family history sites that are closed-access.
  5. My personal DokuWiki for things that need to be collaboratively edited.

Then the third-party hosts:

  • OpenStreetMap for map data (GPX traces) and blogging about map-making.
    1. Wikimedia Commons for media of general interest.
    2. The NLA’s Trove for correcting newspaper texts.
    3. Wikisource as a library.
    4. Twitter (although I’m not really sure why I list this here at all).

    Finally, I’m still trying to figure out the best system for:

  • Public family history research. There’s some discussion about this on Meta.