WordPress Distributed Bibliography

I’m not actually all that enthusiastic about this silly address book plugin, y’know. I’d rather be back fiddling with a little idea I had a while ago for a distributed bibliography thing for WP. Something a bit like LibraryThing, except that all the book data is stored within one’s own database, and importing other people’s reading and book data is easy. So I can keep my own, local, list of books and annotations, but for each one see what other people have to say about it, and see what else they’re reading (and, if I want to, bring their data over to my site with a click).

It’s a fairly basic thing, really, and I’ve done a bit of the basic formwork for it. I just have to get back to working on it, now that I’ve got these lovely mornings free (oh! I mean, “will have”… yes… that’s right… hmmm).