ZBW press archives


There is an an interesting post on Diff about the 20th Century Press Archives that are being integrated into Wikidata. The bit that caught my eye was about how they're generating and hosting the archive website:

The project uses the Wikitech infrastructure to maintain code and the PM20 master database. In addition, it established a workflow to return dataset enhancements to ZBW, where they are integrated into the actual PM20 website in a largely automated process.

The collaboration has proven to be a win-win situation: the ZBW has been able to replace its previous highly sophisticated but hard-to-maintain web application with a much more sustainable site of static pages, interlinked with Wikidata and continually improved by volunteer community work.

The site is at pm20.zbw.eu, and it looks like it's being generated with Pandoc (it's got a generator metadata key), but I haven't find any code yet.

This makes me more keen to continue looking at moving Freotopia into a static site (currently, seeing what it'll take to combine it with github.com/samwilson/freo). There will be about ten thousand pages, so I think build time might be frustrating. But most of a website's life is lead not being worked on!