Organising templates in MediaWiki


I think Scribunto makes template editing completely different, redundant even. All things can happen in proper code, and we no longer need to worry about weird workarounds for finnicky whitespace. We do have frustrations with creating wikitext/HTML with Lua but I feel like that's less of a drama and often actually much easier.

I'm trying out an idea of making every template:

  • nothing but a call to a matching module,
  • have a /doc subpage,
  • a /style.css styles heat, and
  • storing (almost) all its info in TemplateData.

The module architecture will be equally simple, with modules either being for a single template (with the same name), or designed for use by other modules.

It's probably all too simple—but if it gets me away from wrapping newlines in HTML comments, and deeply nested triples of braces, then I'm happy enough.