I use MediaWiki for a few of my wiki web sites. I also work for the Wikimedia Foundation.[1] I really like working on MediaWiki code, and contributing to extensions. It's good software (sometimes annoying, but that's hardly unusual in software; at least with open source code, one can help to improve things).

I've experimented with moving to installation from Ubuntu package, but mostly stick to running from a Git clone (including for extensions). I think that it would be wonderful to be able to manage extension retrieval and updating with Composer, but that's not a widely-held view. For some sorts of development, I also run it in Docker (for testing against other PHP versions, or old MediaWiki extensions such as WeRelate).

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  2. Data modeling
  3. Blue Bottle
  4. Cat Whispurr
  5. Post-hackathon coding
  6. Generated readme for wmwcli
  7. A redlink bug in Cargo?
  8. Exactitude in wiki data modelling
  9. Copying templates between wikis
  10. Diagrams service
  11. Creating a TODO list in MediaWiki with Cargo
  12. Diagrams extension
  13. Departing Perth
  14. Self-contained websites
  15. Cargo-Lua best practices by River
  16. More about installing MediaWiki extensions with Composer
  17. Discourse in MediaWiki
  18. SVG graphs with the Diagrams service
  19. Wikispore meeting
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  25. QuestyCaptcha not so great


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Tool: mediawiki-feeds

A tool to get RSS and iCalendar feeds of pages in categories. See for more.

Tool: MediaWiki_Backup

A Bash script for backing up a (non-farm) MediaWiki installation. It produces backups, and also dump files suitable for uploading public wikis to the Internet Archive (to match WikiTeam archiving practices). See for more.

Actually, it's often easier to use the following to get the XML dump:

php /var/www/mediawiki/maintenance/dumpBackup.php \
  --full \
  --quiet \
  --wiki wiki_ident \
  --server \

and this to get all images (but excluding any other directories in the images/ directory):

cd /var/www/mediawiki/images
tar zcvhf $BACKUPDIR/wiki-images.tgz ?

Skin: SimpleText

A overly-simple skin for MediaWiki, in use on my personal wikis. See SimpleText MediaWiki skin.

Extension: Genealogy

I maintain the Genealogy extension. It's the simplest thing I could come up with that gets around the redundant links between biographies on a family tree wiki. I'm using it on ArchivesWiki and there's a demo wiki on Toolforge.

Migrating to MediaWiki

Missing or required features:

  • Bulk category changes (based on category membership, search results, galleries, etc.)
  • Track 404 errors (and create redirects) ✔️ done at
  • Export PDFs of single pages
  • Create PDF photo albums of category contents
  • Mass change of template parameters (names or values)
  • Wiki-to-wiki copy (wwcp)
  • RSS feeds ✔️ done in #mediawiki-feeds
  • iCalendar feeds
  • System to manage geolocation

From Piwigo:

  1. Export all original-resolution files to MediaWiki-compatible names
  2. Export their metadata to wikitext files using the {{photo}} template
  3. Upload all files with mw:Manual:importTextFiles.php

From WordPress:

  1. Export all posts to Markdown with the Jekyll exporter
  2. Use Pandoc to convert to wikitext
  3. Upload all files with mw:Manual:importTextFiles.php

From Flickr:

  • Special:FlickrImport that will import sets, groups, or lists of photo IDs or URLs.