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It's the first morning of the year, and I'm at the new cafe on High Street, Milkmaid Coffee Bar. Seems like a very nice place. I've added it to OpenStreetMap, although I'm not quite sure I've put it in the right place… I'll go outside in a bit and check which bit of this building I'm actually in. The facades of these places can be misleading, especially from the aerial imagery.

It's probably the done thing, on January first, to figure out What One Should Do in the new year — but I don't think I'll bother. I'm mainly working on genealogy stuff, and am hoping to spend the rest of today scanning a few dozen airgraph letters from 1943. The were mostly written by my great-grandbother Edith Wilson to her children who were away from home serving in the army and air force.

(Bah! It looks like Every Door created two nodes when I edited it just now: 10297567092 and 10297572193. That's weird, but I guess it's because it didn't finish refreshing the data after saving, and I was editing a node that I'd only just saved.)