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  2. Old VIP Packaging factory in O'Connor
  3. Freo street arts' festival
  4. Cat Whispurr
  5. Fremantle Bowling Club
  6. Together on the carpark
  7. Trenches and boring in Fremantle
  8. More pipes
  9. 2023-01-01
  10. Swandocks' luffing cranes
  11. 2024-01-01
  12. Ron Doig Block
  13. Culleys' book
  14. AlphabeticalZürich project
  15. Favourite café window
  16. UAM building being demolished
  17. FHS April 2024
  18. Goodbye to Mr Harper's building
  19. Arthurs Battery
  20. Fremantle Fenians offline
  21. UAM leaving


Stepping Off, in the window of New Editions.jpg
Fremantle library demolition.jpg
Old UAM yard.jpg
Front of Lefroy house.jpg

Front and entrance to the little fibro house on Little Lefroy that looked like it was going to be demolished in 2018.
2018-10-17 Fremantle Dog Beach.JPG
Bill Campbell's bookshop in High Street
Darling Darling.jpeg