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The AlphabeticalZürich project looks terrific:

The AlphabeticalZürich project is a pretty ambitious project: I want to take at least one picture in every street of Zürich, in alphabetical order.

I want to capture the interesting, the whimsy, the pretty for every street of Zürich

I do not aim for exhaustivity in every street. I may not even walk the whole street. For instance, Badenerstrasse is spanning 5km: that’s a project in itself!

I have no idea when I’m going to give up 😉 It’s an ambitious project, and life may happen before its end, or I may lose interest. We’ll start, and see where we go from here!

So, here we go, from Aargauerstrasse to Zypressenstrasse!

What is this project?, 2023-08-17

It makes me wonder about the Fremantle streets project that I seem to be engaged in, where I'm currently definitely lacking in guidelines or rules to keep me focussed.

The Freo streets list started just as a way to give more context to the Fremantle Society Photographic Survey, but there's lots more that can be done with it I think. One of the troubles with it is that there's no solid rule about how to handle historical vs current places/buildings/etc. — if a building has been demolished and another build, or a large block subdivided into smaller ones, does that mean the website should have one page that explains the location through time or separate pages for each incarnation of the place? This is really one of the great strengths of the Wikipedia model, I think: that ambiguities and confusion can be handled really well, because you just write it out in words, and link to everything.