Cloudy day walk


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I went for a bit of a walk, after the rain had passed, thinking to find some pictures for the streets project.

I wouldn't usually bother taking photos of the Jay Dubs, but it seems the 'churches of Fremantle' list needs a few more pics. So here's the Kingdom Hall in Edmund Street:

Then I went over the hill, enjoying as always the view from the top of Monument Hill and the groves of peppermints on the north side.

The Samson House wall looked nice in the setting sun:

Then the Workers Club:

Remarkably, a named (pedestrian) street that isn't yet named on OSM! Richard Lane was only named a few years ago, but still!

Lastly, another named place that wasn't named on OSM and also whose namesake doesn't seem to have much written about them, a lecture theater building at Fremantle Hospital: