Mastodon purges parts of threads


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I was reading something today about the complexity of Mastodon's post retention mechanisms and the ways in which it can mean that parts of conversations get purged from a single instance (and so perhaps even lost for good). As luck would have it, I can't find the post again now. I get the impression that this behaviour is quite intentional, but it does strike a bit of alarm for people (like me I think) who want the ability to go back over things in the future. Makes me want to avoid the fediverse again (although still mainly for the reasons of the character and formatting limitations).

If I ever manage to get comments working again on my blog, I think that is a better way to go. Or even the old "newspaper-correspondence" model of the blogosphere. The bit I'm not sure about is what that'd mean for syndicated content from elsewhere — would I be expected to purged it in some situations? Perhaps so.