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WikiClubWest card.jpg
Stepping Off, in the window of New Editions.jpg
Collie st.jpg
2017-11-04 1404 Leeuwin compass, made and donated by Ashley Moon and the Stirling Mens Shed.JPG
UWA eucalypts.jpg
Loch Street station.jpg
2013-09-13 1349 A log in the creek at Conspicuous Cliffs.jpg
2010-10-11 0936 Currawong-1024x768.jpg

Recent photos

Stepping Off, in the window of New Editions.jpg
New water pipes for fremantle (sign).jpg
Water pipe trenches on Phillimore Street.jpg

The tarps are covering the wooden structures.
20200626 170826.jpg
Tree at Fremantle Railway station.jpg
Three monkeys pub in Sydney.jpg

Three Wise Monkeys pub, where Tom and I had dinner.
Girrawheen library front garden 40735536043.jpg
UWA eucalypts.jpg
Upstairs loung at the Bentley Reserve.jpg
Market Street.jpg


  • 1999–: Canon Elph Jr. (APS film)
  • 2000–2007: No-brand (1.2 MP digital)
  • 2009–: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1
  • 2007–2010: Nikon D60 (DSLR)
  • 2014–: Nikon D3100 (DSLR; manual)
  • 2015–2018: LG G3 (mobile phone)
  • 2018–2022: LG G6 (mobile phone). Bought on my birthday in 2018. A dying battery and some very scratched camera lenses finally saw this phone relegated to backup status.
  • 2022–: Samsung S21 FE (mobile phone). This was a choice between the Pixel 6 Pro and this. In the end my desire to avoid Google won out, as there didn't seem to be much difference between them, and I'd recently been reading about Google shutting down yet another service. This was my first non-LG smartphone.