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Bill Campbell's bookshop in High Street Bill Campbell's bookshop in Hight Street.jpg 2018-06-01 11:09:00 AM +8 exact Sam Wilson Category:Fremantle CC-BY-SA Bookshops Category:Fremantle
Christ with his leg vice {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2006 09 shimano sg-x chainring.jpg
2007 06 bb-installation.jpg
2007 2007-06-29 Casio F-91W.jpg 2007-06-29 12:00:00 AM
2008 04 nikon d60.jpg 2008-04-01 12:00:00 AM
2008-05-27 the view from my ibm desk.jpg
2008-05-28 manning clark building ibm tuggeranong.jpg
2011 12 carnival.png 2011-12-31 12:59:07 AM +8 exact Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA Reading Compton MacKenzie Penguin Books Book spines
2017-01-06 Possible handles 2.jpg Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA
2017-01-06 Possible handles.jpg +8 Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA
2017-01-06 Shellac bag label.jpg 2017-01-06 7:38:00 AM +8 exact Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA
2017-01-06 Shellac gone wrong.jpg 2018-01-06 3:39:00 PM +8 Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA
2017-08-07 Stickley library table through-tennon.jpg 2017-08-07 -5 day
2017-11-04 1404 Leeuwin compass, made and donated by Ashley Moon and the Stirling Mens Shed.JPG {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2017-11-04 1423 C Shed sign above door, railway tracks in front.JPG {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2017-12-24 Three-part ripping.jpg
2018-05-21 1137 Graffiti near Park Guel.JPG {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2018-07-24 Leaving Adelaide.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2018-08-04 0730 Graffiti on a bus stop on Lefroy Road.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2018-10-09 Fremantle civic centre demolition jaws.JPG {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2018-10-14 Fremantle woolstores after conversion.JPG {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
2018-10-17 Fremantle Dog Beach.JPG 2018-10-17 8:54:00 AM 8 {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson Dog Beach Category:Fremantle South beach Beaches
20180804 0804 Murdoch Station.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
20181104 135750 patching whiteant damage.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
20181104 141211 patch rebate close-up.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
20181227 115552.jpg 2018-12-27 7:55:52 PM -8 exact Sam Wilson The first time I'd ever seen a Google car in the wild. Would be in San Francisco of course.
20190115 074746.jpg 2019-01-15 3:47:46 PM -8 exact Sam Wilson Oakland Roads
20190119 131438.jpg +8 Sam Wilson Paths Berkeley Pine trees
20190119 132407 HDR.jpg +8 Sam Wilson Berkeley Oakland Trees
Anchor Steam and laptop.jpg 2019-01-04 1:20:32 AM -8 exact Sam Wilson The end of the day at work. San Francisco Beer Laptops In vino veritas
Barcelona from Park Güell.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
Bath in skip.jpg 2018-11-29 10:31:00 AM +8 exact Sam Wilson A bath in a bin on Yalgoo. -32.062034,115.768127
Bench at George Street festival.jpg 2018-11-25 4:33:00 AM +8 Sam Wilson
Bently Library 'Hub' sign on wall.jpg 2018-11-06 10:36:30 AM {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson -32.012685, 115.909576 Bentley Library Bently Library 'Hub' sign on wall.jpg
Broadmeadows station.jpeg 2018-11-09 6:47:00 AM +11 Sam Wilson Melbourne Melbourne
Chimneys and wall of a building in the South Australian museum.jpg 2018-07-23 4:50:00 PM
Coledale railway station.2006-07-06.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Coledale_railway_station.2006-07-06.jpg
Cover of Dreaming in Code.jpg
Cut nails.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
Fremantle library demolition.jpg 2018-12-01 4:00:00 AM +8 exact Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA Category:Fremantle Fremantle Library Kings Square Libraries Demolition
Front of Lefroy house.jpg 2018-10-19 2:07:00 AM 8 exact Front and entrance to the little fibro house on Little Lefroy that looked like it was going to be demolished in 2018. Category:Fremantle Houses Lefroy Road
Gazette p5.png
Hedley Park, Bentley.jpg 2018-11-06 2:37:13 AM +8 exact Sam Wilson CC-BY-SA Bentley Library Hedley Park, Bentley.jpg
Lefroy Road house.jpg 2018-10-19 2:06:00 AM +8 {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson The side of the house on the corner of Lefroy Road and that other one. CC-BY-SA Lefroy Road Houses
My home for a night.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
New tripod.jpg 2018-09-15 7:55:00 AM 8 {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson
North Thompson Bay from the main jetty.jpg 2018-10-29 +8 day Sam Wilson I was waiting for the ferry and hiding from the wind on the rocks of the mole. The sun was wonderful, and I was a bit sad to be leaving. Category:Rottnest CC-BY-SA Category:Rottnest Beaches Thompson Bay
Numbering the parts of the chest of drawers.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
Old UAM yard.jpg 2018-11-03 8:41:00 AM +8 {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson UAM Category:Fremantle
Rear of Berkeley post office.jpg 2019-01-05 5:23:22 PM -8 exact Sam Wilson Berkeley 37.868324,-122.269695
Sam's coffee mug.jpg 2016-03-08 8:37:00 AM 8 Exact Mugs UAM
Scavenged door jamb from Facilities and Services skip.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
Testing dashes and bars on a Kobo ereader.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson
Tmp 2015-20181103 1646571663748127.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
Tmp 2015-20181103 1647151443562919.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
Train departing Queralbs towards Ribes de Freser.jpg 2018-05-22 12:00:00 AM +1 day Sam Wilson Attribution-ShareAlike License public
Tree on the oval of WGV Primary School.jpg 2018-09-21 5:52:00 PM 8 exact Sam Wilson
Tunnel to Perth Underground station.jpg 2018-11-08 8:23:00 PM +8 Sam Wilson Trains Perth Underground Perth Tunnels
WikiClubWest card.jpg {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
MediaWiki:Msu-comment {{{date_taken_granularity}}}
MediaWiki:Upload-default-description +8 {{{date_taken_granularity}}} Sam Wilson
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