Sharing family photos


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I’m a tech reporter. Can I still post my baby’s picture responsibly? by Johana Bhuiyan, 3 January 2024:

Meysenburg also suggested using an encrypted-messaging platform, Signal, to share images with a close group of friends, rather than posting on social media. “The Signal group has at least scratched the itch of having an audience of people to give you likes and comments, which is what you really want,” he said. He’s right – that itch is the core of my Posting Disease. I want other people to coo over my future son; I can’t help it.

I think that not getting likes and comments is one of the good things about the indieweb. Here, we can just chatter away into the void, and not worry about the responses. It's harder for people to respond, but this is good: they have to respond on their own site, which means that they're less likely to bother if they don't actually have anything to say, and they're more likely to be nice about it because it's on their own site and they'll have a greater feeling of ownership.

That said, I do think the idea of having a family Signal group is a good idea.