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Reaching 8,888 posts, and a bit of a retrospective, (Rubenerd, Monday 13 November 2023):

I do feel as though my current blogging system is limiting in same ways. I’d love to do more random link-style posts, and be able to post from places other than a laptop. Static-site generation simplifies so much, but I yearn for a database I can query and batch-process. Who knows, by the time 18,888 roles by I’ll have this blogging gig all figured out.

I'm glad to have read this today, because I keep thinking of shifting my blog to a static site. It's mainly the file-management stuff that I don't like about that idea (photos, basically), because they'll have to be hosted elsewhere. Also, not being able to easily post from a phone is sort of annoying; I know I said that I liked the idea of delayed posting, but as it turns out all it means is that I don't post at all.

Maybe MediaWiki isn't such a bad way to do it!