I first created a website in 1996, on the HTML hosting space provided by my ISP of the time. It was all hand-written HTML and a few images filched from around the web (thanks Alta Vista).

Then I set up a Usemod wiki in 2001 on a host I shared with some friends in Canberra. That was brilliant; it had a weird green-on-black monospaced design — I was learning vi at the time, and wanted the same look to my site that I had when I was editing its code.

In about 2004 I ditched that (sadly, I didn't keep any archive of what was on it... I thought I did, but the StuffIt file was corrupted) and installed WordPress. WordPress is great, it's easy and hugely popular and I've spent quite a lot of time in the last decade working on WordPress code (and enjoying myself).

But ultimately, I wanted a website that ran the same code I was working on for various other reasons (i.e. contributing to Wikimedia projects), and so I switched to MediaWiki. This is where it's at now.

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