Hello world, this is my website, where I explain a bit about things I'm working on or thinking about.

I'm a computer programmer by trade, working for the Wikimedia Foundation. I contribute to Wikisource and OpenStreetMap in my spare time, and sometimes build bits of wooden furniture. I like taking photos that document.

You can edit any page on this website if you first create an account; you just need to know the word 'elderberries'. Also, you can email me at sam@ this website.


I sometimes write on my blog. You mightn't find it very interesting — it's mostly just a way for me to remember things, or a means of thinking through whatever I'm working on.

Twenty most recent posts:

Feed-icon.svg RSS news feeds: Blog_posts.rss (or Wikimedia.rss, Fremantle.rss, OpenStreetMap.rss, etc. with any category name).

News from elsewhere

News feeds that I follow are aggregated at http://news.samwilson.id.au (which runs Sourdust Feed Aggregator).

(There's also News from Nowhere, which is a good read if you're interested in why it's still worth using handplanes and caring about the process of work.)

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