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No one is ever going to read anything I write on this site. Oh well.


I'm heading out to NYE in Oakland.

Options should NOT have additional properties

San Francisco

· SVG Translate · programming · Webpack · CSS · Symfony · Encore ·

I'm getting this error when compiling SVG Translate's assets with Webpack:

error  in ./assets/app.less

Module build failed (from ./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js):
ModuleBuildError: Module build failed (from ./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js):
ValidationError: CSS Loader Invalid Options

options should NOT have additional properties

It's come about due to trying to upgrade to css-loader version 2.1.

If I comment out all the assets in webpack.config.js, the error goes away, and comes back when I only include assets/app.less (I didn't try to narrow it down to any other files; one example should be enough).

It sounds like the options for css-loader have changed. If I dump the config for that module, I get this:

    loader: 'css-loader',
    options: { minimize: true, sourceMap: false, importLoaders: 0 }

It seems that minimize and sourceMap are not valid options; the first was removed in version 1.0.0 (which I guess SVG Translate wasn't using), and I'm not sure about the second. I'm not sure where they're coming from, I guess some Encore config somewhere; certainly it's not in SVG Translate's config.

What if I just delete them?

	delete module.exports.module.rules[1].use[1].options.minimize;
	delete module.exports.module.rules[1].use[1].options.sourceMap;

Nope, no good; same error. Oh, of course: because that's being done after the loader is being used. What if the css-loader is configured manually, earlier?

		.configureCssLoader(function ( options ) {
			delete options.minimize;
			delete options.sourceMap;
			return options;
		} )

Yup! That works. Does it work when all the other asset files are uncommented? No:

error  in ./node_modules/oojs-ui/dist/oojs-ui-wikimediaui.css

Module build failed (from ./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js):
ModuleParseError: Module parse failed: Maximum call stack size exceeded
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

If we switch to an already minified version of node_modules/oojs-ui/dist/oojs-ui-wikimediaui.css? Yes!!

So maybe things are okay now? This feels like a reasonably ugly fix, but if it works then I'm happy for now.

The result is here: https://github.com/wikimedia/svgtranslate/pull/45


How have I only just learned about nvm?


This (normal suburban) bus has seats that recline! Crazy.


"only two Australian coins — the holey dollar and dump coins — have had their legal tender status removed." —An obscure coin law let a shop refuse service to an Adelaide mum


Right, for about the 4th time in the last few years, I've nuked my WordPress site and replaced it with a peculiar MediaWiki install. We'll see how long it lasts this time (till I get bored).


Finally figured out the weird bug in the tests for MissedPages. https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/mediawiki/extensions/MissedPages/+/481633


I just added the Wikiapiary logo to the footer of ArchivesWiki.


Cargo gets a nice shout-out at around 1:08:00 in http://betweenthebrackets.libsyn.com/episode-25-denny-vrandei


Lunch time at the Musical Offering and Café on Bancroft Way in Berkeley. geo:37.8684,-122.26071


I don't think I like working on software that isn't used by other people.

I don't like mocking

San Francisco

When starting out on adding something new to a project that one is not intimately familiar with (or even on one with which one is), the first thing is to write the description of some small test. Just a sentence or two about what is to be tested and why the expected results are what they are. The test doesn't have to do much, or even be very unique, but it should start from nothing and build up whatever is required. For this reason, I often find integration tests to be much easier to write and to keep within the conceptual model of the system.

The thing with mocked components is that they assume you know enough about what those components do to construct their output manually, and often that's not the case. So, I resort to the full real components quite often in tests, with the only downside being the speed of tests.


The PD-heirs template on Commons is useful when you're uploading deceased relatives' photos and things.


I think SVG Translate is nearly actually functional. All the bits are working, I just need to tidy up.


I've been watching the sun set against the bay bridge. Nice to breath a bit and slow down.


I'm doing a little bit of geo-locating of FSPS photos.


Why do so many photo storage systems not have a facility to store the timezone in which a photo was taken?! Makes for annoying workarounds when trying to list photos in date order.


We're heading to Mission Burrito.


Hobgoblin Amber

Under construction blogs

This comment at the bottom of this post made me laugh:

(I wanted to post this on my Infodisiac.com blog, but that blog it is out of order at the moment, so I’ll upload it as html page). Feel free to comment at my post on Facebook.

It's always the way of the indieweb that one's site is somewhat out of order, but it's also the fun of it, and something of a relief to get away from the overly-managed and always-corporately-polished social media sites.


I suspect posting on one's own site would be fine if we all did it and remembered what RSS was.

Chair on the lawn

University of Western Australia

Is there a better use of a hot Saturday afternoon than to sit with a good book on a comfy chair in the shade on a lawn?


The internet is crazy and full of sad stuff at the moment. I'm just going to hide for a bit I think, and watch the ants climbing a piece of bark as the sun goes down. Time to breathe.


When the code makes sense, the world makes sense. But bloody hell, when it doesn't — things really do feel shit.


I'm attempting, for what seems like the 32nd time, to print an A5 PDF to bindable A3 signatures. Might be on to something this time though.


Yaron Koren interviewed me last week on his Between The Brackets podcast: http://betweenthebrackets.libsyn.com/episode-29-sam-wilson


Oh M.G. I fixed a problem with my scanner and suddenly I can scan and describe and upload and drink whisky, all at once!


I managed to fix my Lets Encrypt bug that's been pestering my logs for the last few weeks. Wasn't hard at all—I'd not realised that the Apache-detecting system of the letsencrypt tool is so clever these days!


It's Saturday afternoon and I'm waiting for some glue to dry.


It's Saturday and lazy and sunny and the few chores are done so I'm going to watch another All The Stations over lunch.

Nearly holiday time


Only one more day of work till a week off (thanks to Easter and Anzac day). That's a nice thing. I'm attempting to get some SVG Translate bugs finished off (I mean... finish off fixing them) and hopefully get up a patch I've got nearly done for TemplateWizard's tests. That latter will probably not happen, because I'm bamboozled by the job-runner not running all jobs, which means that the test's templatedata isn't available to the subsequent testing code. Not sure why.


The book I'm reading has a character called 'Em' and my first impulse was to wonder why she was named after a typographic unit of length.

Freo street arts' festival


· Fremantle · South Terrace · festivals · woodworking ·

It's another wonderful sunny-but-cool Easter in Fremantle, and the street arts' festival is in full swing. This morning we saw Yosuke Ikeda's terrific mime show Rhythm,[1] and the tail end of a terrifying acrobatic act climbing 10 metres up a tower of chairs. I could barely watch. Certainly didn't watch the sword-swallower on the way back through South Terrace (other than to see a young chap through the crowd who collapsed on the ground in a feint).

Home now, and the sun is past the meridian, putting my workshop doors into the shade and meaning I can go and finish varnishing them. I started the other day, but was rained off.


People say that you should post things on the internet in places (like Medium) in which more people are likely to read them, but I just want to put these notes out there into the aether and don't really care if no one reads them. It's nice to post, and doing so publicly helps with thinking, I find.

I'd much rather have my words on my own site.


Did someone called Lynne Truss really write Rumblings from the Rafters? That's great!

Cat Whispurr


· Fremantle · cafés · GraphViz · MediaWiki · cats ·

I'm having a look at the new cat café in Fremantle. The coffee's okay and there are cats for sure, behind a big glass wall at the end. There are even power points at every booth (with USB sockets). It all feels a bit new and unsure of itself, but that's okay. This stretch of shops is pretty wonky and Hampton Road outside is not very inviting, but in here feels pretty spacious and calm (although maybe too spacious in a way, or the walls are too white or something). Anyway, it's a nice place to sit. If I'd realised before I sat down, I would've sat at the table near the cat-wall.

I'm attempting to continue some work on the GraphViz extension: making it not upload generated graphs as wiki files. It's nearly there. I'm hoping some people will critique my patch though.

Girrawheen library


· libraries ·

I went to visit my brother at work at Girrawheen library, in the northern suburbs of Perth. It feels like quite a way from Fremantle, but it was easy enough to get there on public transport. On the way I grabbed a few missing photos for Wikidata items such as the Hamilton Street bridge (currently non-existant as a new one is being built) and Leederville railway station.

Suburban libraries are great. I wish I had more time to spend two hours commuting each way to get to all in the metro area, because there's something quiet and focused about these spaces.

Upgrading my server


· VPS · Digital Ocean · servers · system administration ·

The last day or two I've been upgrading my VPS to Debian Stretch, which hopefully I can carry on using until June 2022. Mainly because, when I upgrade these things, I like to reconfigure how I do things and check into the latest ideas of how it should all be done. Of course, usually that means some sort of orchestration, but I'm doing things rather manually — still, there is plenty that I can do that is better than how I did it when I last set up this server (about three years ago).

I'm going to post a general how-to of what I do for this, but right now there's a few more bits and pieces that need to be taken care of. At least this website is functioning correctly now. I hope.

(Oh yes, and it's Star Wars day, so perhaps it's a good day for pretending to be a sysadmin?)


It seems that my recent woes with books failing to display correctly on my Kobo are down to bad font support. Even selecting what is supposedly a built-in font makes the book fail to show, and the device hang indefinitely when trying to open a book.

Switching back to the default font fixes everything.

Wikimedia Hackathon 2019


· Wikimedia · hackathons · Prague ·

This was my third Hackathon, and still I felt like I've got some way to go before really making the most of it. It's such a special time to be able to come together in person like this, and focus on projects so intensively for three days. Every year so far I've wanted to a) work on other people's projects, and b) not flit around so much between different things. However, the reality is that one is lead by circumstance, and usually that seems to be having random conversations with people and being so wildly enthused by them that all other plans are dropped. This is probably okay, and anyway it's the making of connections with people that means the rest of the year between events is passed with much more (online) sociability and collaboration than would otherwise be likely.

Testing this

Does this do what it should?

Post-hackathon coding

Český Krumlov

· PageForms · Czechia · Wikimedia Hackathon · MediaWiki ·

I'm in Český Krumlov, south of Prague a few hours. I'm trying to add a new field type to the PageForms MediaWiki extension; never done that before. It's a reasonably easy-to-understand system I think, although I suspect I've done something wrong somewhere. I want to add better date- and date-time widgets, to not use jQuery UI and instead stick with the built-in OOUI widgets. I've got a first draft working (although it's currently turning OOUI on for all inputs, which is silly). I do wonder if it would be better to not add a new type, but just add a ooui=yes to the existing ones. Actually, that's much better. I'm about to get on a train though, so it'll have to wait.

More Hall papers


· archives · documents · Hall family · notes ·

Yesterday I received from my dad the following copies of transcripts:



· WMAU · Wikimedia · travel ·

Heading to the airport soon, to fly to Sydney for the WMAU Community Conference. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, and finding out more about what's going on around the country. It's pretty rare that we all get together — it's never happened since I've been involved in Wikimedia stuff. Australia's a bit too big, really.

A beach out the window

South Australia

We're just passing near the beach in South Australia where YF Camp was held in 2003:

Nice bugs


It's very hard to focus sometimes. But then a bug report comes along, makes sense, and a path forward is clear. It's a nice feeling, especially on a Friday afternoon.

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I've been attempting to get some order to a little link template (and its duplicate) on MediaWiki.org, and the documentation of how to write extensions that add Revision Tags… but I'm getting the impression that there's something I'm not understanding, so I'll come back to it tomorrow.

Bellvue Terrace


I've been scanning more FSPS photos, and this place in Bellvue Terrace caught my eye:

It's how I imagine Fremantle, when it's warm and quiet and I figure out how not to worry about all the other crap in life.

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Back to WordPress


It's Tuesday morning and I seem to have stuffed around with my website yet again. Which, it turns out, might be a good thing because my little embed-wikimedia WordPress plugin might be of some use to the new Wikimedia Space blog, and I need to bring it up to date.

Rdquo, ldquo


The question of whether to use “curly quotes” on Wikisource has come up again.

MediaLoader extension


There's a new MediaWiki extension that's just been published: MediaLoader. It looks like it's supposed to load media items such as images, videos, etc. on demand. I haven't been able to get it to actually work (there's some strange Composer loading stuff going on in its code) but I think it works by displaying a click-able bit of text such as 'Load example.jpg' (not actually a link) that, when clicked, turns into the image or whatever. All it's doing for me right now is turning into the raw wikitext, but maybe there's something I'm missing.

I guess the idea is to not download/display the image if its not wanted by the user?

Anyway, it's new, and it's always nice to see a new extension being made. Huzza!



This rain is pretty wonderful. I can't remember when I last had so many nice days of being indoors and listening to the raindrops on the roof and peering out at the grey. It's cosy. Good coding weather.

Take photos of things that are soon to go


It's Friday afternoon, knock-off time, and I'm heading to Freo to either find a quiet corner of a pub in which to work on embed-wikimedia, or if the light is good to take some photos of the Fremantle Bowling Club's old building. Demolition is to start soon and although I'm sure the Club's archivists have it all well in hand, I'm not sure that any photos will make it on to Commons. But yeah, beer before anything, I think.

First and last drop


There's a grey-haired relaxed vibe about this place. Cheap beer (they can't take the beer kegs to their temporary digs in the Tennis Club) and sausages in buns on the way. Everyone seems to know each other, although there's something of a divide between the bowling club folk and the newcomers from the Workers' Club. A friendly dog watches the arrivals with me, parked next to the front door.

Too many


So many people have so many stories about the history of the bowling club.

Fremantle Bowling Club


· Wikimedia Commons · Fremantle · Fremantle Bowling Club · Fremantle Workers' Club ·

I tried to write about last night at the bowling club, but the WordPress app ate my words without saving a draft. I'd had too much beer (and then mulled wine) for the words to have been any good anyway, so no matter.

I've started uploading a few photos to Commons, firstly of the Substation building:

And then of the bowling club.

It's not a particularly interesting building, and none of the members I spoke to seemed very worried at its demise. The new clubhouse will be bigger and better and generally sounds more exciting.

It was lovely hanging out with the people there, and hearing their stories about the history of the club.

Putting photos in folders


I'm printing index sheets for the FSPS photos, so that each streets' group of photos (e.g. Ainslie Road) in the archive folders is divided by a set of A4 colour-printed pages with thumbnails of the photos. These don't actually have each photo's URLs or filenames, which I've been a bit disappointed about, but it does have the URL of the street's page. That is enough to get pretty close to an individual photo, and I think it's good enough. If I were starting this project again I might do things a bit differently, but I'm far enough in now to want to maintain consistency.

I do want to sort out a better URL rewrite for page IDs. At the moment I am including page ID URLs such as https://archives.org.au/Special:Redirect/page/1100 but this would be neater as https://archives.org.au/P1100 (which would prohibit having wiki pages at that URL, but I think that's okay).

Timber shingles


The old shingle roof on Finnerty Street, that was looking old a decade ago, is being replaced by new (sawn) shingles.

Backing up (my) Commons files


I'm experimenting with an idea of treating the Commons copies of my photos as the 'master' copy, and not keeping them online anywhere else (e.g. Flickr). This involves uploading to Commons and then keeping a local copy in sync — because I don't want to lose any photos if they get deleted from Commons.

I'm using Digikam locally, and have two collections configured: one scratch-pad one, for sorting out photos that are just off the camera; and one backup one, which lets me browse photos I've got on Commons.

I download from Commons with the following backup.sh script, which goes through all of my contributions and exports XML for every page I've worked on, and every file for which I'm the first author (i.e. I uploaded it).

BACKUP_DIR=$(cd "$(dirname $0)"; pwd -P)
mwcli export:contribs \
	--config="$BACKUP_DIR/config.yml" \
	--wiki=commons \
	--user=samwilson \
	--dest="$BACKUP_DIR" \

The mwcli script is at github.com/samwilson/mwcli.

The reason I want the Commons copy to be canonical is that it makes for centralised metadata, a single place to edit and add links to related material. It's annoying to have to keep metadata in sync between Commons, Flickr, and possibly a local copy of things too.

DDD Perth 2019


On Saturday, August 3rd 2019 I went to my second DDD Perth conference. This is an annual one-day event that seems to bill itself as being something different from the usual tech conference and to be more accessible to people who might not normally go to these things. Which, I reckon, is pretty great; it feels like a more friendly place (even though I am the sort of person who usually goes to these sorts of things, I often don't really feel like I belong). There is something of a corporate vibe, though, which sort of mars the 'community' aspect — although that's where the low price of the tickets comes from, so I shouldn't complain!

The welcome to country was done by Nick Abraham, who gave an interesting talk. I liked the lists that he rattled off the names of families he's part of and places they're from.

All of the presentations that I went to were interesting, but the two that have stuck with me were about CSS Grid (Amy Kapernick), and WebAuthn (Ben Lowry). I want to experiment with both in my personal projects. Don't suppose I'll do so, though. (Too many fun things to explore; not enough time.)

I'm very glad that the Perth developer community is able to support this sort of event these days.

A Tuesday morning


The internet seems to be full of bad news at the moment, so I'm ignoring it and focussing on some nice little code projects that are calming and friendly and only slightly maniacally frustrating.

SVG Translate tickets are petering out; version 0.10.3 is just out with some login fixes and language updates.

This morning I'm working on adding a 'messages exist' notification icon to the PageTriage toolbar.

And I think I've cracked the search-debouncing for my Embed Wikimedia plugin, so might be able to move on with the metadata- and appearance-improving stuff that I've been trying to do for weeks.

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Piwigo default theme


I found what I think is a little bug in Piwigo, and made a fix.

[Update:] And an hour later it was merged!

Mermaid graphs for Genealogy


I've done a little bit more work on my patch to add Mermaid graphs to the MediaWiki genealogy extension. Maybe ready to merge.

Cycle to Perth


· Mapping · Cycling · Perth ·

I cycled to Perth yesterday, mainly as a way to stop thinking about things. I didn't really think there would be any OSM mapping to be done on such a popular route, and there wouldn't have been if it weren't for the roadworks along the freeway

which forced me to cross over the overpass and ride through the streets of South Perth. The official detour ended and I could have crossed back, but I carried on... through non-cyclepaths and large detours around intersections.

I looked at the map, and it did actually look like there was a whole path along the golf course that wasn't on the map, but actually it was added a month ago and OSMand hasn't updated yet.

But it was interesting to see the new timber shingles being put on the Old Mill.

Mr Curly


· Wikisource · punctuation ·

The Wikisource discussion about curly quotes is progressing I think. I think curly quotes make works look better when exported to epub, and I read novels quite often (from Wikisource) and their punctuation often annoys me, so I hope this proposal gains more support.

Ingredion’s wiki


The latest Between the Brackets with Lucas Billett talks about using a wiki in a decades-old organisation — a factory that's been in business for 160 years. I can't imagine what it's like to work in an place like that! It sounds like their use of MediaWiki is pretty interesting too.

Read permissions in MediaWiki


Another good point from Lucas Billett: "Define the wiki community as the people who are allowed to see the content." Turns the usual corporate objection to MediaWiki on its head. The communities are usually much larger than and of fewer number than at first thought.

Cuppashack revisited


Cuppashack at the Hamilton Hill shops is still going, all these years later. That's nice. It feels better inside now too, and the garden has grown. Good to see a café not fail.

Another test

Seeing what this does.

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It seems that the empty comments template works then. That's good.

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Bar closed

I guess we'll go to Clancy's instead then.

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This thing is called steam ale. And goat ale. And it's organic. A good thing, is this thing.

Piwigo a security risk


· Piwigo · photos · security ·

Is Piwigo a security risk? There's been another vulnerability reported, and it's got me worried. I've turned off my photos site for the time being, till I've figured it out some more.

Maybe I should carry on shifting things to Commons and this collection of wikis. I do like having the option of storing things like timezone.

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WikiClubWest at Riff


I feel like I managed to get quite a bit done at this evening's meetup. I uploaded a dump of the main WMAU wiki to the Internet Archive, and fiddled some more with the events system on that wiki. It's satisfying to get it working better. I added the MsUpload extension to make it easier to upload files, but didn't get time to sort out the attendance-tracking thing that we want to add (optionally) to events.

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Climate rally


I'm on my way to the climate crisis rally in Perth, somewhat annoyed I didn't bring my computer because I want to work on getting WhoWroteThat onto the AFO. I guess this is meant to be a strike though. I suspect that not flying all over the world every year would be a more useful act on my behalf. I'm feeling good about the Wikimedia meetups in Perth at the moment because they're local and actually feel more productive than meeting in person in far away places.

I also want my computer on this train so that I can improve the mobile display of the Item metadata table on ArchivesWiki.

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South Perth

· cafes ·

Now at Halo Espresso. There's lots missing from #OpenStreetMap around here. :-)

Grumpy twits


Twitter really is full of rubbish today. Such tense angry words. I'm obviously not ignoring it, but I'll try to do so now.

Army Jetty changes


Heading back to the Settlement now, and I've stopped at the army jetty to have a look at it now that the unsafe concrete decking has been demolished. It's a bit boring now, just a groyne, but good that it's not going to squash anyone I guess!



I've had to give up on my camera because it's battery has died. So I'm stuck with the phone. Although, there's something good too about being able to describe photos as soon as I take them, rather than waiting and maybe forgetting why I took them.

Like this strange rusty buoy thing on the beach, but probably this is a bad photo and shouldn't be used.

3 legs


One of the four legs of the metalworking bench was recently sacrificed to make a post for the new letterbox, and so the bench is rather on hold for now. Which is a total relief! Because those bits of jarrah were really a bit rough anyway for the bench I've got in mind, with too many holes and rotten bits. So I can now move down the list and get working on the jarrah work stand (or one of… I've only got enough timber for one, which will be supremely useless without its mate, but I'm sure I can find more wood for the 2nd stand).



I stopped at the shop and got milk, so had to hurry back with it. Otherwise I would have tried to get some photos of the building works that are going on at the hotel. Or had a beer. Or both.

I got back and went for the most refreshing swim. It's hardly a hot day, but four hours of walking made it pretty easy to throw myself in with no hesitating.

An economy to live in



Morrison: Don’t worry kids, you’ll still have an economy to live in. It’ll be a shit economy where you scrabble in the dust for meagre resources while the rich hunt you for sport from their floating pleasure ships. But it will still be an economy.

(Re Morrison responds to Greta Thunberg by warning children against 'needless' climate anxiety: Australian PM says debate replete with disinformation and he wants to give children confidence they will have ‘an economy to live in’.)

MediaWiki blog

I hope this becomes a thing: http://mediawiki.blog/ (heard about via Semantic MediaWiki Live Stream on Youtube).



I just realised that 'timezone' isn't a word (it's two). Although, surely if 'instore' is now a word, we can also do away with the space in 'time zone'?

Curly quotes are good


· Wikisource · punctuation · quotation marks ·

The curly-quotes discussion has ended, and in favour of using them (consistently within a work)! The MoS has been updated to:

Use a consistent style of quotation marks ("straight" or “curly”) within a given work. It is recommended to use "straight" quotes in works where there are a large number of contributing editors, since consistent use of “curly” quotes may be difficult to achieve.


I've been entering some OSM POIs this evening. Seems like a good way to crawl pubs: only go to the ones that aren't in OSM yet.

Evening at Yagan Square


· Perth · Yagan Square · photos ·

Generated readme for wmwcli


· mwcli · documentation · MediaWiki ·

I've added a script to mwcli that adds all of the CLI documentation to the README.

It was easier than I'd thought it was going to be, to get access to thw command definitions. Most of the patch is dealing with formatting, and there's some more of that to do. I also added a CI check to ensure that the documentation always matches what's in the code. It helps to highlight missing i18n messages as well.

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A redlink bug in Cargo?


· Cargo · MediaWiki · bugs ·

I upgraded Cargo yesterday and noticed that redlinks in ArchivesWiki metadata (e.g.) are no longer rendering correctly. I think I found the bug.

Personal wiki


· Hacker News · re-posts ·

In Do you use a personal 'knowledge base'?, metalliqaz said on 2019-10-02

I have started using a personal mediawiki instance with Cargo for semantic data. I realized that I wanted to have full control of my data, so I didn't like the idea of going all-in with Notion or something similar. I'm a heavy user of wikipedia so mediawiki just "feels" natural. Installing it is a huge pain.

I am finding that the system works well enough, once you get VisualEditor working. However the main problem is the habit of capturing my thoughts and work products. It's a tough habit to get in to.

Ultimately I want the wiki to be just one piece of a larger system that automatically organizes all my articles, files, mail, posts, etc. The idea being that I can work with whatever tool is easiest for any particular situation, and still be able to cross-reference all the information in a way that is useful and easy to search. We'll see if I ever get there.

Embed Wikimedia 0.2.0


· WordPress · block-editor ·

I've released another beta version of Embed Wikimedia, with support for three blocks for the WordPress block-editor (Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikidata). There's still work to be done on their interfaces, but before tackling that I want to sort out support for captions from Structured Data on Commons. There's a few other bugs too (and I'm sure I'll write more before I'm done).

The annoying thing about blocks, I'm finding, is that I still write a fair bit with the Android WordPress editor, and so still do old-fashioned embeds where they're just a bare URL on its own line. I feel like the blocks get away from that simplicity (although, internally, so far they're exactly the same functionality).

Cossack buildings from the north-east


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I've just uploaded this new (to me) photo of Cossack to Commons:

Micro.blog podcast with Adam Tinworth


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Another interesting podcast about indieweb things and why it's a good idea to have your own website and : 70: Adam Tinworth aka @adders ():

Adam Tinworth was a journalist for two decades. He started blogging in 2001, “a transformational moment” for him. He now works as a consultant and trainer in digital journalism, social media and content strategy, teaching classes such as Social Media & Audience Engagement for Editorial.

And this too: The IndieWeb Movement: Owning Your Data and Being the Change You Want to See in the Web (also ).

Exactitude in wiki data modelling


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There's a new page on MediaWiki.org called Managing data in MediaWiki. It compares the Wikibase, Semantic MediaWiki, and Cargo extensions. All three of these extensions are about managing the metadata of wiki pages or of concepts represented by those pages.

The thing I love about MediaWiki is that one can give in to the impulse to progressively, gradually, move towards being exact in the representation of data. Each of the above extensions help massively with this, but it's still pretty easy to get confused about how to do it.

Piwigo on Android


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I've recently started using the Piwigo app (for Android). It's getting good! Version 1.0.0 has just been released, and it has the thing that I've been wanting for ages: the ability to select multiple photos at once, to upload. Hoorah or what?

So I've got to get serious about organising my photo collection now, and make sure a) everything is in my Piwigo; and b) each photo is there only once. I might see if I can help with preventing duplicates at upload time.

New location for Apache PHP config


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Under PHP 5, I used to put custom PHP configuration in a file such as /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/99-foobar.ini and it'd be automatically included by the main php.ini (after most others, thanks to the 99).

Now in PHP 7, it seems to be more normal to add a custom module in /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/foobar.ini and enable it with phpenmod foobar. I guess there's no priority-setting with this system?

TechConf is starting

Emory University, Atlanta, USA

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Wednesday evening

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Now is the time for a whisky, but instead I shall hack a bit and then head down to the bowling and beer. (There's bowling and beer?!)


I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city